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What is the best selling used car?

When it comes to finding the best selling used car in the UK, you should look no further than the best selling new car. In both instances, the Ford Fiesta is the nation’s most popular model, with its versatility and affordability making it a great choice for all motorists.

What to look for when buying a used car?

When searching for a used car, you should always ask as many questions as possible and learn as much about the model as you can. Ensure all the correct documentation is present, and ask the seller about any accident damage, repair work, and service history. It’s also vital that you take any model you may be interested in for a test drive to ensure it suits your needs and driving style.

Are used cars reliable?

For the most part, yes. Of course, it very much depends on your budget and where you purchase your vehicle. At Trade n Save, we’re AA Authorised to sell used cars, meaning they come with the added peace of mind of a full health check and breakdown cover.

How to service a car?

Regular servicing is essential for maintaining the condition, performance, efficiency, and value of your vehicle, and should be carried out by trained professionals. Working to a manufacturer-approved checklist, technicians such as those at Blackpole Trade n Save will be able to keep your vehicle in the best condition for longer.

How long does a service take?

Depending on the complexity of the model, some vehicles may take a few hours to complete a full service. Contact a member of the team today to learn more about anticipated servicing times.

Is it illegal to not service your car?

While servicing your vehicle is not a legal requirement, many purchasing agreements include stipulations that servicing is completed regularly. Not only that, but failing to maintain your vehicle could impact your safety, vehicle performance, and future resale value.

How often should a car be serviced?

Ideally, a vehicle should be serviced every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. However, you can check your vehicle’s handbook for more details on the service intervals or speak to a member of the team at Trade n Save today.

What is included in a car service?

Depending on the level of servicing, the specifics of what we will check on your vehicle will differ. However, you can be confident that all the major components of your vehicle – such as electrics, oil levels, braking systems, tyres, etc. – will be inspected in full to ensure the best possible performance.

Where can I buy tyres?

All good dealerships – such as Blackpole Trade n Save – should be able to supply you with suitable tyres for your car. Our technicians provide replacement tyres as well as essential maintenance in our workshops. Get in touch today to learn more.

What does used car warranty cover?

The used car warranty from Blackpole Trade n Save provides extensive cover for 90 days for parts and labour. Should any component or system fail unexpectedly during this period, you will be covered for parts and labour for any necessary repairs. This warranty can be extended for up to two years for an additional fee. Speak to the team at Trade n Save today for more details.

How does air conditioning work?

Car air conditioning is able to extract heat and moisture in your vehicle and leave cooler air present. It does so via refrigerant in the air conditioning compressor and condenser. It’s important to ensure that the refrigerant is maintained at a suitable level and that the air conditioning system is checked regularly for healthy operation. A member of the team at Blackpole Trade n Save will be able to provide details on air conditioning health checks.

How to fix car air conditioning?

Fixing the air conditioning system in your car is a complex task, so we always recommend taking your vehicle to a team of professional technicians for the best service. The team at Blackpole Trade n Save will be happy to provide a quotation for any necessary work.

When does car need MOT?

Vehicles aged three years and over are required to undergo an MOT check each year. Failure to have a valid MOT certificate is illegal and may invalidate your insurance. You can book an MOT with Blackpole Trade n Save today.

What can a car fail an MOT on?

A number of factors can cause an MOT failure, ranging from lack of tyre tread to excessive CO2 emissions.

What documents do I need for an MOT?

There are not specific documents required for your MOT to be conducted.

Is there a grace period for MOT?

There is no grace period for your MOT, and should you be found to not have a valid certificate, you may face prosecution.

Do I qualify for car finance?

Here at Blackpole Trade n Save, we aim to help everyone – including those with poor credit – take advantage of our vehicle financing. Speak to one of the sales experts at our dealership today to find out more.

What credit rating for car finance?

Your credit rating affects the rate of borrowing when purchasing a car. If you have an excellent rating, you will often be able to take advantage of lower interest rates, whereas having a poor rating means rates will be higher. Speak to our sales advisors today to learn more.

What is Hire Purchase?

Hire Purchase is one of the most popular purchasing schemes for a new or used car, enabling you to make a deposit followed by fixed monthly payments, paying the outstanding balance at the end of the agreed term. View our video on Hire Purchase to learn more.

What is Personal Contract Purchase?

Personal Contract Purchase – or PCP – differs from Hire Purchase in that you determine the expected value of the vehicle at the end of the agreement before making any payments. You then have the option whether to pay this amount, return the car, or take out a new agreement. Watch our video to learn more.